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hur03rmxpck01_dancemusic by theHuRriC4nE hur03rmxpck01_dancemusic by theHuRriC4nE
This is my third AVS pack.
It is a remix pack, but (mostly for myself to not going nuts) I decided to to on with the numbers, although this is not the same category as my earlier releases.

You'll find 10 presets in this pack.
The first 9 are remixes of the last. The last one isn't very pretty, but I thought you might want to see the original.

Hey hey ....
I hope you like it.

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Nanaki-Murasaki Featured By Owner Aug 7, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Sweet serenial beauty.

I've been a fan of packs that uses such beauty.
Examples of favorite artists with beautiful presets:
All hell with it i like all of the pros and noobs work. Your work is in the average and pro mixed together category. as raz said there are optimisations that can be made here and there.

Look in my Re-vision of my NW-R yr 1 pack
Nanakiwurkz Remixes year 1. It will have all my remixes i've done in the past year. so never even seen..I'll try and put some remixes of this pack in there. untill then later.
raz001 Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2007
Nice job, shiny, interesting, and pleasing to the eye. Good stuff. There's a few more things you could do to optimise your presets, for example on the last preset, the dynamic movement has an 80x80 grid, and it looks just as good with a 10x10 grid and i get almost 80fps more. But otherwise, cool. :thumbsup:
theHuRriC4nE Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2007
Wow! Thank you!

hehe i think it is kinda funny Your favourite in my pack got into it in the very last minute. I already had the pack compiled, when found this older remix.

to the seventh (kindred spirits) - i tried to smooth up the texture a little, but it was a little to round in the end. The "texture" of the rings is depending on the spectrograph (first EL).

in Art Rock (06) i used the convo to sharpen the lines that were created by the colormodifier (the spectrograph is making the colors).

the dm is in all presets very similar - all presets came from the last one.
Denkensiefursich Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2007
Very nice pack. I'll admit I've never heard of you before and didn't really expect much but you surprised me.

01 - The intro was nice. Simple but very effective.
02 - Number three on my list. I love black and white presets and this one just works so well. :)
03 - It's a little too wild at times for me to really appreciate. The color code for the scope is what does it in for me.
04 - I like the colors and the texture but this DM looks very similar. ;)
05 - My second favorite of this pack. I love the colors and the ghosting.
06 - I've never really enjoyed those "negative" convos, but it could be worse.
07 - The grain works really well here, it almost reminds me of a painting. If you could slow this down to have it change and move on beat or in different frequencies (see El-Vis' Colorangel, from Hypnotized), I think it would look great.
08 - Pretty nice. This reminds me of framesofreality for some reason.
09 - Number one, my favorite. This is wonderfully executed, just a great preset.
10 - It's not bad, kind of boring though. I liked the remix, 02, much better.

Overall a very nice little pack. Keep up the good work!
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August 4, 2007
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